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ECOLOG (2019-2021)

ECOLOG - Eco-responsible Citizen via Location-sensitive Game-based training


Funded by: Erasmus+ Programme
Measure: Strategic partnerships in Adult education

Start date: 01/11/2019
Duration: 24 months


  • Municipality of Zlatograd, Bulgaria (project coordinator)
  • Partners:
  • EcologyKM Ltd., Bulgaria
  • EUFORA, Greece
  • EuroCY Innovations, Cyprus
  • Voluntary unit Plovdiv 112, Bulgaria
  • Soft QNR, Serbia

Aims and objectives

  • To increase the awareness of citizens about the dimensions of ecological behaviour and its importance to their quality of life, boost their skills and competencies and achieve their engagement in building cooperative ecological sensitivity.
  • To involve actively the local authorities, social partners, small-medium enterprises, vocational education providers, general education stakeholders, as well as visitors, in online informal learning experience with clear learning objectives.
  • To create and to integrate state-of-the-art mobile learning technologies for the uninterrupted delivery of the eco-responsible learning resources.
  • To implement attractive open education resources (OER), based on sound understanding of the domain of required skills and the profile of target stakeholders.
  • To achieve the engagement of authorities and enterprises in offering tangible motivations for citizens to demonstrate ecological skills and subsequently ecological behaviour.
  • To achieve the engagement of formal/informal education providers and other social partners in the take-up of the ECOLOG outputs and their transfer through sustainable local ecosystems

Target groups

  • Young, older and senior adults
  • Local/Regional/National adult education providers active in fields around ecological sensitivity/responsibility
  • Officers of municipality/local organisation
  • Policy makers in education and environmental sustainability
  • Society as a whole


  • Game scenario authoring system and collection of indicative VR eco-responsibility learning scenarios
  • Informal learning curriculum, learning material and adoption handbook
  • Web/Mobile learning portal for eco-responsible citizens

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