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ECO AGRI (2018-2020)

ECO AGRI - Adult training course for small farmers on ecological and urban agriculture


Funded by: Erasmus+ programme of the EU Commission
Measure: Strategic partnership for development of innovation in adult education

Start date: 03 December 2018
Duration: 30 months


  • UNIVERSITY OF AGRIBUSINESS AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT, Plovdiv, Bulgaria (project coordinator)
  • EcologyKM Ltd., Brestovitsa, Bulgaria
  • EUFORA, Vuono Chios, Greece

Aims and objectives

  • to develop a training curriculum, educational videos and training course for adults (18+) who are interested to explore the ecological urban agriculture either to produce their own food, to sell the production to a small outdoor market or as part of their activities during their spare time/hobby.

Target groups

  • Adults (low skilled, low qualified, NEETs, people with disabilities)
  • Existing urban agriculture small farmers
  • Adult educators
  • Adult training centers
  • Lifelong learning centers


  • Educative Awareness videos on ecological and urban agriculture development
  • Training curriculum and training course on ecological and urban agriculture for small farmers
  • Interactive mobile application for urban eco-farmers

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